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The Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering (Faculty of Mining until 2002) is the oldest faculty of the university. It was the only faculty when the university was established by Józef Piłsudski in 1919. Until the 1950s, the history of the faculty is the history of the university. At present, the faculty staff actively work on the reclamation of mining land, solve the problems of economics, organization and management in mining, as well as deal with water, gas, and heat hazards. The faculty actively collaborates with industry by exporting Polish know-how to nearly all countries. Apart from the above, the faculty carries out non-typical research, namely, into the revalorisation and protection of the underground infrastructure of historical towns such as Sandomierz or Kłodzko. The faculty participates in carrying out general agreements signed with numerous institutions in Poland and abroad. These agreements mainly concern R&D collaboration, the improvement of laboratories, students’ practical training, and the mutual employment policy of university graduates.

The faculty co-operates with several universities and research centres in Poland and other countries (Russia, France, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic). Faculty graduates, depending on the specialization, are prepared to work in the units of civil and local administration, centres of environmental protection, and the economic departments of companies. They can also be employed in positions involving design and investment in mines, as well as work underground. Students get full qualififi cations entitling them to hold top positions in mining and civil engineering companies.

The programme of studies at all specializations of Mining and Geology as well as Civil Engineering follows all formal and legal requirements for mining and construction engineers.

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